The geographical factor unifying and identifying this county is the Guadiato River, which has its source within the Fuente Ovejuna municipal area and receives water from several streams and reservoirs.

The valley landscape is quite particular, with smooth shapes and rounding hills. However, we can also find outstanding exceptions which confer this area a wilder appearance and allow climbing practice.

“La Dehesa”, a nice example of the interaction between human beings and their environment, dominates the rural panorama.Rich pastures grow within these farms, sustaining a quality cattle raising, mainly sheep and pigs.It is also an appropriate ecosystem for hunting practice.

The predominant trees surrounding rural house “El Trillo” are holm oaks, wild olive trees and cork oaks (which give name to the village).As for vegetation, we can find plentiful aromatic and medicinal plants such as thyme, rosemary, oregano and rockroses, as well as a wide variety of bushes.


anade silbon
Ánade Silbón

As regards the numerous and varied fauna of the area, it will satisfy all those who enjoy the view and knowledge of migrant and aquatic birds.Most of these birds spend their winter in the upper Guadiato area, where there are large extentions of land without trees.In the Peñazorra lake, near Fuente Ovejuna, we can watch spectacular groups of thousands of cranes.

perdiz roja
Perdiz Roja