“El Alcornocal” is one of the routes included in the touristic routes of the Fuente Ovejuna villages, a set of villages in a very good state of preservation.

The county where “El Trillo” is situated is a privileged place for hunting, fishing, for enjoying nature.Rural house “El Trillo” offers, directly or through joined institutions, activities such as:

•  Trekking
•  Horse riding
•  Cycling
•  Hunting

•  Climbing
•  Fishing
•  Sailing
•  Canoeing
Bird-watching of species belonging to this ecosystem, among which, cranes, young eagles, grays and calandria larks.



This route offers the possibility of seeing beautiful landscapes, rich with fauna, and practising sports, specially fishing.In the upper part of the Guadiato course, there are three reservoirs.Near Fuente Ovejuna, we can find the Guadiato and San Pedro reservoirs, both full of nightingales, ducks and several other birds.A third reservoir, Sierra Boyera, is situated in the Belmez municipal area.Being quite larger than the other two, it serves different needs: water supply, sports practice, leisure and recreational area and housing for a variety of animal species, mainly birds.

The Sierra Boyera reservoir is a fantastic place for practising saling, canoeing, windsurfing and rowing all the year round.


Fuente Ovejuna offers the possibility of visiting important archeological sites.One of them is the ancient mining town “La Loba”, situated behind “Los Cerros Castillejos”.Also worth a visit, “Cerro del Ducado” and “Cerro de la Caraya”, whose archeological remmants date from Iberian times.Other sites of importance, from the Calcolitic period, are Los Delgado dolmens, and those in Los Gallegos and La Horma.

Hiking and touristic cycling may be practised along the several paths streching throughout the upper Guadiato lands.There are also paths where fans of horse riding may learn or enjoy the delights of equestrian routes.Besides, Espiel, Belmez and Peñarroya offer the possibility of climbing practice.
recorridos ecuestres
Recorridos ecuestres

caza mayor
Caza Mayor
The whole Guadiato valley is famous for its hunting offer.The southern part of Fuente Ovejuna is an essential place for this practice, a county known for its wide offer of big and small games, as well as for its logistic infrastructure, services and organization for the practice of this sport.

Fishing lovers will be nicely surprised at the plentiful variety of fish, among which, the black bass, barbels and pikes.By organising various fishing contests and competitions, clubs and associations contribute to making this area even more attractive.